The Podcast Episode The Universe Tried To Destroy (Eric Franchi)

Lucky number 13

Hey Ya’ll,

Long time no talk. I’ll keep it brief. This podcast episode I had full intentions to release about three weeks ago but the universe conspired in a number of ways to *almost* kill it.

First, the audio-only recording somehow got corrupted or something because the file wouldn’t load into audacity (editing software) and when I could play it it was just a very high-pitched noise. Luckily I was able to use the audio from the video recording. Not a great start.

Next, my company’s IT team sent an update to some security software that broke my computer. It got stuck in an infinite cycle of restarting, loading, freezing, restarting. Which meant even after I had edited the damn thing I couldn’t access the file.

And that’s where I was stuck for two weeks. Twiddling my thumbs while trying to do work on my daughter’s 7-year-old MacBook.

Anyway, it got sorted out and this Lazarus episode will finally see the light of day.

For our first episode of season two Erik and I chat with Adtech OG Eric Franchi. On top of being the oracle of adtech (Partner @ MathCapital) Eric is also side-gigging as one of the co-hosts of The Click on Clubhouse.

If you don’t know The Click, honestly, figure out a way to get an invite. And if you haven’t had the chance to hear Eric speak before then this is the episode for you. Hell even if you have this is the episode for you.

Towards the end of the episode, Eric gets out his crystal ball and his first answer to my “what’s 6 years from now look like?” question is something I’ve literally never heard of or thought of before but if he’s right (and he probably is) it’s a HUGE opportunity.

Anyway, that’s enough for me. Check us out in your podcast app or if you want to see faces in boxes you can watch the video below.

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