Episode 10: Demystifying the Supply Path with Chris Kane (Jounce Media)

Our second boomerang! Chris Kane and I spoke on my old podcast a little over three years ago. Since then Jounce Media has grown from a little startup thing to the master of the supply path. They’re the reason bid caching became a hot topic. They put Google on blast for a half-assed sellers.json file. They put out the definitive guide to reselling. Oh and their blog is the single best source of SPO knowledge out there.

This is a damn interesting conversation and exactly the sort of thing we want to do every week. Chris is so smart and so knowledgable about this *very tricky* part of the industry it’s amazing how easily he can break down and explain the finer points of the supply path and the differences in understanding between the buy and sell-side. If you find yourself in the position of “getting” what SPO is but not actually understanding what that means in actions or reporting… this is the episode for you.