Episode #5: Marketplace trends in the age of corona with Will Doherty

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This week Erik and I talk to Will Doherty the EVP of Global Marketplace Development at Index Exchange. Will talks through the process he and his team use to build IX’s Marketplace pulse email. If you don’t read/get this newsletter do yourself a favor and sign up now. 

This newsletter to me is the first glimpse I’ve had in a while into a service that exchanges could provide publishers. I’ve been pretty critical of the services offered by exchanges recently but the ability to give an aggregate and detailed view into the spending habits of the buy-side are something exchanges can do better than anyone else. If you accept the premise that supply is commoditized that means any one of the large exchanges is seeing what the true ad market is.

That knowledge with some proper analysis, to me, is far more valuable than any add-on service an exchange could come up with. Just my 2c.

Anyway I hope you enjoy. If you prefer listening to watching you can find us on Spotify and iTunes. Just search for “What Happens In Adtech”.