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week of 5/26

This was always my favorite part of the old newsletter, I had to make sure I found a way to make it happen in the new format. Welcome to time-based bulk. The weekly segment where I go over the highlights and lowlights of industry news.

The Marketer’s Guide To Programmatic Reselling // JOUNCE MEDIA

Required reading for the week. Now I tend to have a very sour view of reseller accounts, Erik would remind me that I’m being elitist and that not all publishers can get the (preferred) direct access. I can’t help it. I dislike resellers. Long is the list of parasitic adtech companies who abuse the reselling of inventory to their (and only their) advantage.

This whitepaper does a great job of breaking down the different types of “value add” reselling and the value-extracting types. Yes those are ironic quotes. No I don’t feel bad about it.

To show how easy it is for plagiarized news sites to get ad revenue, I made my own // CNBC

Uugggghhhhh. I mean. Come the fuck on! Let’s at least act like we have some standards. We’ve got to be better than this (we are better than this, right?).

“Another key element of the Privacy Sandbox is First Party Sets (1PS)...” // @pbannist

Another great Bannister tweetstorm. This time on First Party Sets. In it he brings up some fantastic points around user expectations as well as side-effects by limiting these data sets to “large organizations”. Add this to the list of privacy sandbox stuff that sounds cool but I have zero clue how they plan on making a reality. It’s just a wish list of stuff that Google hopes someone else will figure out at this point.

On the media business's cycle of wrong incentives // MediaNut

Honestly, Josh’s newsletter has been so fucking good it makes me mad. He’s been putting out content like this DAILY.

And, of course, he nails it here again. I have nothing to add. I wish I did. I wish there was an easy way to properly incentivize a sales team to care about both the short term and long term wins equally. But it’s incredibly difficult and I don’t think anyone has it 100% right.

I’m just going to continue with my current combination of passive-aggressive emails, yelling while on mute, and drinking.

Interesting non-industry reads

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  • Remote Work Isn’t the End of Silicon Valley, but It Is the End of Something (OneZero)

  • Where New Yorkers Moved to Escape Coronavirus (NYT)

  • All the essential tweets you need re: the Ben / Ronan situation (hereafter known as The 2020 Media Man Olympics) (alternate title: The Battle of The Boy Wonders god if only i could a/b test this) (Deez Links)

  • Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage (The Margins)

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