We need to talk


It’s me. Long time no chat. So I’m finally starting to get my life back together and felt like I had really been neglecting our relationship.

I don’t know about you but these last few months have been a total clusterfuck of my life. Any thoughts I had or habits I had formed around wellness (physical or mental) are out the fucking window. Eating habits are a joke. Candy is the new mid-morning snack, bourbon the 3 pm pick me up. God forbid you have a task that takes more than 30 minutes to complete.

All that is a long way of saying that if my output hasn’t been consistent, it’s due to some combination of who I am as a person and the burning hellscape that has become our “after work” life.

I’m going to attempt to improve my lot a bit by moving around my posting schedule. Whereas before it was a four-day schedule (which I laughably was only able to do while out on paternity), this new one is three days and one of which requires very little of me.

Going forward. Mondays are right out. Fuck Mondays. No one ever learned a thing on Monday that couldn’t have been taught on Tuesday. So no Monday posts.

Tuesdays will be the new podcast day. But not this coming Tuesday (you lunatic) because, if you haven’t noticed, it’s hard to get people to commit to anything right now. Anyway, the pod will be back and the episodes will be fantastic. Just not next week.

Wednesdays will be my “wtf happened last week” day. Hopefully, when our days aren’t all spent reading the news mumbling “those idiots” to ourselves, I’ll actually have industry news to talk about. I might even effort a joke once and a while.

Finally, Thursdays will be my day of pontification. Which is good because I’ve got a lot of problems with you people.

Ok, so that’s it for me.

Oh but if you haven’t watched or listened to the last two episodes of “What Happens In Ad Tech” you’re seriously doing yourselves a disservice. We have been making some incredible content.

First, it’s Erik and I talking to Steph Layser. She is, and I say this with a full understanding of everyone I’ve met, the actual smartest person in the room. Every room. She’s usually one of the loudest too but it really helps that she’s also incredibly smart. And Erik and I are both lucky enough to call her a friend so this isn’t just some PR polished bullshit podcast ep. We get into some shit. I ask some dumb questions, she wears a hulk bandana. Give it a listen if you know what’s good for yourself.

And then there’s Jay. Jay is also friends with Steph who is also friends with Erik and I. Jay also happens to be incredibly smart. Irritatingly so. Both of them are too fucking smart for their age and place in life. You’ll have plenty of time to hate Jay while you listen to him drop insightful ideas on how publishers can work to fix the seven layers of hell that brand safety has become. Jay is usually known to shoot his mouth. “Smart kid with a million hot takes” is how more than one person I trust has described him. So I was pretty surprised to hear his answer to “What can publishers do right now, in the age of corona, to boost their yield?”.

Anyway. If you find yourself with a few spare minutes and want to hear how some very smart people in very good orgs are handling the crisis that breathing has become. You could do much worse than listening to Steph and Jay.

You can find them on youtube. Or, if you’re sick of seeing faces in a grid on your computer you can find us in apple podcasts and spotify under “What Happens In Ad Tech”.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. It’s like 11 pm and my old ass needs to get to bed.

Be safe. Click an ad or something.