Episode 11: Getting a Data Education with Dave Pond (Buzzfeed)

There's this long-held notion that programmatic/online advertising unlocks this "magic" ability to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time. For the last few years, it’s felt like most of the industry's efforts have been around the first two-thirds of that equation while largely ignoring the last third.

This week Erik and I have a fantastic conversation with Dave Pond on how publishers can approach the discussion of "the right time" with buyers and agencies.

It’s about context but it’s about more than context. It’s about publishers actually taking ownership of what happens on their sites and helping brands and buyers make sense of it. I really like this notion as publishers as data consultants for brands.

We also spend some time talking about how to prevent burnout in your adops team and how to handle this new world of compressed timelines and stressed sales reps.

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