Episode 12: Making Up People Who Like Mercedes w/ Keith Gooberman (Programmatic Mechanics)

The phenominon I find most offensive to publishers today is that, in a DSP, I can say “Give me $50k worth of ads for _____ audience.” And if I’m not an experienced buyer I’ll just pick … ya know… data from this company and this company. And then I’ll go into my inventory selection and I’ll just say all of it.

The people that are doing that are doing publishers a giant disservice because, guess what? They ain’t all real ads.

All due respect to our previous episodes and guests, this is our best episode ever.

It has everything. We get the rolling start off with Canadian beer stories. We talk about how online dating and audience targeting got it wrong. Keith saves us from a naked child. This episode is an adventure.

But it’s also FILLED with great insights. Now I’m sure you, person smart enough to sign up for my emails, already know a lot of this stuff and will scoff at this notion. “Ryan’s just overhyping this episode”. Guess fucking what? I’m not. If you don’t take away something from this episode I will personally… I dunno call you a liar on Twitter.

At the very least you’ll be entertained. Keith has such a unique point of view and a willingness to tell it like he sees it. Anyway, I should stop delaying and just let you watch the video. If you haven’t already, please subscribe.

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