Episode #6: Talking Identity In the Post-Cookie World w/ Kristy Schafer

[youtube link]

This week Erik and I dig into identity and what it looks like for publishers in a post-third-party cookie world with Kristy Schafer the VP, Americas at Permutive. Kristy mostly focuses on the buy-side which means she has a giant amount of knowledge not only on identity but how buyers are planning for it in the future.

This conversation was so great, and timely. We discussed stuff like where the buy-side is on the loss of the 3p cookie is vs the sell-side (spoiler: behind), what we think will happen in the first 12-18 months after the cookie goes away, and what publishers of all side should be doing TODAY to prepare.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. If you prefer listening to watching you can find us on Spotify and iTunes. Just search for “What Happens In Adtech”.